~ Travian NPC Calculator ~
by Strategy One
Version 3.4


This tool is designed for the RPG game Travian. Players who use "Gold" to do "NPC trades" often need to calculate how much of each resource is needed to purchase multiple items with each trade (to maximize Gold and Resource use) and that's what this tool is for. There are other tools on the 'net to calculate one troop type, but the benefit of this one is that many different troops, upgrades, researches, etc., can be calculated all at once.


Enter your tribe and total resources available. Total resources available can be found by opening the Travian NPC merchant.

In the top five rows of the table, enter any upgrades, builds, researches, etc. you'd like. The "Description" fields are merely for your reference, and are optional.

In the lower ten rows, enter the quantity of each troop, or press the button to calculate the maximum troops which can be purchased with the "Resources Remaining," or what can fit into your Warehouse/Granary, whichever comes first.

The "Clear" button will clear all of the entries, except for the "Resources Available." To clear the Resources Available too, just Reload the page.

Troop Training Times: This feature was added at the request of more advanced Travian players, to help maximize troop-training cues for the barracks, stable, and workshop. It displays the time needed to produce the troop numbers entered, in the format HH:MM.

Settings: For the warehouse and granary, enter your total capacities, as seen at the top of each Travian page. The capacities entered will limit troop numbers entered when a "max" button is pressed, to what can fit into those storage bins. For the barracks, stable, and workshop, select the building level for troop-training time calcs. All of these settings are saved via "cookies," if the browser allows it.

Great Barracks & Great Stable: Still trying to figure out a good way to include this without complicating the user interface too much, or forcing the user to scroll back and forth to see everything. But as it stands now, if the goal is to produce equal numbers of one troop-type in both buildings, just divide the troop-number entered into the calculator by 4, and that's the number of troops that can be trained in each building with those resources. For example, if 400 Phalanx were entered into the NPC calculator, then 100 Phalanx could be trained in both the Barracks the Great Barracks, with those resources.


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